• Material Crafting Level 10:    85% Success rate
  • Material Crafting (Fire) Level 10:  60% Success rate
  1. Shouldnt it be the same % rate as other materials of the same level? 
  2. Increasing it to 85% would help new players to craft their first weapons.

If necessary you can always make higher level crafting harder.

Good idea, it's an impossible hell to craft fire, many times I lost all (failed craft) and I hate that. I think that be %rate more harmonic can better the gameplay and experience of game.

I Always think serious to abandon the game when failed craft because is hard farm itens and is hard craft itens and the fire craft makes that be a sh*t of waste of time.

You need 10 coal, so you need 10 fire and enchanted power, so you need luck....if you don't...you dont have nothing!! you lost all and you lost money....sorry baby, try again and again and again and again and again 😡😡😡😡😡😡

I also pointed this, but some old players were eager to jump in my throat with the old excuse saying the game was harder before.

But yeah the formula for success, fail ratio, need some rework, I am ok with losing lucres if fail, but losing everything is a little bit too much.

And is even worse with enchanting gear.

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